What is “CSR”? About the SSL certificate (public key certificate) of the rental server

This time, we will introduce “CSR” when acquiring SSL.

What is SSL?

SSL is an abbreviation of “Secure Sockets Layer”, and is one of the mechanisms to encrypt the communication of the website and secure the password input and form communication.

By having the rental server issue a certificate called “SSL server certificate”, you will be able to open the website and send and receive emails in the SSL (https://) state.

What is CSR?

CSR is called ” Certificate Signing Request ” and is an abbreviation of “Certificate Signing Request”.

Should I include CSR information?

Need CSR information?

Basically, CSR information is not particularly required for SSL (Let’s Encrypt), which is provided free of charge by the rental server.

“Free original SSL can be processed without setting CSR information.”

If you are a small or medium-sized company and have introduced paid SSL, it is preferable to include CSR information.