[GAS] How to set a time and schedule a post in Chatwork-Part1



This is a method of setting the time in Chatwork and making a reservation post. Chatwork itself doesn’t seem to have scheduled posts (probably?), but you can use GoogleAppsScript to create scheduled posts for Chatwork.

Get Chatwork API Token

First of all, you will need an API token called “Chatwork API Token”.

Get a new API token from the application page .

I will keep it here. *This is very important data, so please handle it with care.

Create Google Apps Script

Create a GoogleAppsScript. There are two methods: “standalone script” or “container bound script”. What is that…? For those who say, you can understand the general contents of GAS by reading the basics of GAS here .

This time, create it with a container bind script. This time, it is OK to use a stand-alone standalone, but I will assume that you will use a spreadsheet.

First, prepare a new Google Spreadsheet.

Create a new script from Apps Script.

Add library

Then add the library to your script. A library is prepared as a common program for the part that would be a big deal if the program was created from scratch.

GitHub – cw-shibuya/chatwork-client-gas: Chatwork Client for Google Apps Script

Chatwork Client for Google Apps Script. Contribute to cw-shibuya/chatwork-client-gas development by creating an account on GitHub.


Thank you to those who made it.

Add library from script id.


Library added! Now you can create a program from the GAS side to send messages in the chatwork room.


Added the ChatWorkClient library so you can now send messages and add tasks to chat rooms.

Continue in Part 2.