[FILTER function] How to perform a “fuzzy search” in combination with the FIND function (Google Spreadsheet)

This is a method for fuzzy search (extraction) with the FILTER function.

What is the FILTER function?

You can use the FILTER function to extract the result of a specific condition from within a range.

=FILTER(array, contains, [if empty])

By using the FILTER function of Google Sheets, you can extract the result of the specified value from the table.

I was able to extract the ring chrysanthemum (white) in row F.

Is fuzzy search not possible with the FILTER function?

Even if you try to do a fuzzy search with this filter function, the result will not be returned as it is. Is it possible with asterisk? And even if I try, it will return an error (no matches).


In this case, it is a method to realize a fuzzy search.

Combining FIND functions

Now combine the FIND function.


The fuzzy search returned results!


Combining the FIND function with the FILTER function changed it to “contains”.

Why is the return value of the FIND function like this…? is a mystery at the moment, but by combining the FILTER function and the FIND function, it is possible to extract fuzzy filters.

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