[Introduction to Google Sheets] What is Google Sheets?

What is Google Sheets

Google Sheets is “an online spreadsheet app that allows you to create, format, and collaborate with others at the same time on your spreadsheets.”

It is a tool developed by Google, and anyone with a Google account can use it for free.

The Biggest Benefits of Google Sheets

The biggest advantage of Google Sheets is that multiple people can edit simultaneously.

Up to 50 people can access and edit simultaneously!

By sharing and editing one piece of data with everyone, the efficiency of data updating will greatly increase!

Get started with Google Sheets.

Use Google Sheets

First, search for “Google Sheets” on the internet.
The site “Google Spreadsheet” is displayed first, so access it.

You can access it from “Use Google Sheets”.

If you are not logged in to Google, you will be asked for your login account, so log in with your Google account.

The spreadsheet page appeared!

Create New

You can create a new spreadsheet from “+”.

A new file has been created!

rename file

First of all, let’s change the file name to make it easier to understand.

one of the big advantages

One of the great advantages of spreadsheets is the “file auto-save function” .

The spreadsheet automatically saves the data you are editing without pressing any save button .

As a result, the act of “saving” is unnecessary, so a significant efficiency improvement in labor can be expected.

One operation of saving may be a short time, but if you think about hundreds or thousands of times, it may be said that it is a great efficiency even if dust accumulates.

Let’s go back to the site top page of the spreadsheet.

You can see that the data saved earlier is saved properly.

open file

When opening a file, you can open it by “double-clicking” in the same way as when opening a normal file.


First of all, it was a story about the introduction of Google Spreadsheet and the new creation screen.

Next time, I would like to talk about how to share data and how to import EXCEL.

See you soon (^ ^)