What is “OODA Loop”? Strategic thinking that accelerates business

This time, I will introduce the word “OODA loop”.

What is “OODA Loop”?

The OODA loop is one of the frameworks and is a “method for making decisions at high speed”. It is an acronym for “Observe”, “Orient”, “Decide” and “Act” .

This theory was proposed by Colonel John Boyd of the United States Air Force, and although it was originally created for the decision-making of pilots in air combat, it seems to have permeated as a general theory now.

OODA loop – Wikipedia



“Objective” Sees and observes the situation objectively.

“Analyze the number of users and pages on the website”

“Check the search volume of search keywords”

Orient (situation judgment)

“Orient (Situation Judgment)” Judge the situation and make a hypothesis based on the observed information.

“Is the increase in access to the XX page affected by the XX event held next month?”


“Decide” Concretely determine actions.

“Let’s build a blog article based on ○○ keywords and increase the number of accesses and user inflows”


“Act” to actually act.

“Write a blog”


As soon as you get to “Act,” go to “Objective.”

This allows the four cycles to rotate at high speed.


By practicing the “OODA loop” way of thinking, you can work and things at high speed.

It takes experience and training to improve your speed, but you will gradually become faster. First of all, let’s keep this framework “OODA loop” in check.